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Transport service

Transport logistics is a system of organization of delivery meaning transportation of some tangible objects or materials from one place to another by the most convenient route.


Multimodal transportation
Delivery of goods from remote countries used to be extremely difficult and time-consuming and was associated with high risks. Nowadays great technological capacities allow transporting cargoes promptly from any place in the world by sea, air or roads. However, technologies do not offer solutions to all problems. Modern international transportation involves numerous issues and requires high level of professionalism. Success of your business depends largely on the right choice of a transport company.
Bodrus Company successfully effects international transportation of cargoes under the principle of door-to-door delivery. Implementation of such approach requires applying of multimodal transportation scheme when several means of transport are involved in delivery: road, railroad and sea transport. Multimodal transportation requires highly coordinated operation of all participants of a transport chain, prompt performance of their functions and strict observance of planned schedule. Preciseness in fulfilment of schedule of a multimodal transportation is controlled by our employees at all stages with special attention paid to ensuring of safety of cargoes during transporting and transhipping.
Sea Transportation
Effective arrangement of sea transportation is performed by experienced professionals in the field of logistics of Bodrus Company, which ensures successful optimization and timely control at each stage of the service rendering. Sea transportation of cargoes is the most popular and effective way of delivery of goods to remote regions.



  • Low speed.
  • Limited possibilities of delivery to consumption points.
  • Stringent requirements to cargo packaging and securing.



  • Low freight rates.
  • High carrying capacity, etc.
 Our Company provides a full range of services on arrangement of transportation of cargoes by sea in containers..
Road transportation
Road transport is considered one of the most popular and widespread modes of cargo transportation around the world, due to its low cost and efficiency in domestic and international deliveries to the countries having relevant transport conditions.
Bodrus Company provides cargo trucking within Russia and to near and far foreign countries. Our experts will offer you a suitable route with required delivery time and calculate the service cost.
We are a reliable logistics operator, so the most trusted Russian and foreign transport operators having their own vehicle fleets cooperate with us. You can receive information on location of your cargo at any time due to careful control over cargo delivery process. And, if necessary or requested by the client, we can even amend promptly a route that is in process. We offer individual approach to road haulage, providing high-quality services for the prices that meet the requirements our Clients.
We offer the following services in the field of road transportation:
  • Road transportation and delivery of goods without restrictions on weight and volume.
  • Road transportation from/to the Client’s door.
  • Cargo transportations within Russia in all directions.
  • International road transportations to near and far foreign countries .
  • Haulage in isothermal cars and refrigerators.
  • Road transportation of containerized cargoes.
  • Trucking of consolidated cargoes.
  • Any cargo insurance services on terms beneficial to the Client.
  • Additional transportation services, associated with arrangement of road cargo transportations.
Railway Transportation
Railway cargo transportation is a complex of transport and logistics operations facilitating delivery of goods to various cities of Russia and the CIS countries by railway. It is one of the most reliable and cost-effective modes of cargo transportation that is unparalleled in terms of price and quality of transport of goods over long distances. Cargo transportation by rail comprises 50% of the total national cargo turnover. Successful experience of Bodrus Company in this field, regional contacts and previously developed directions of delivery on domestic and international routes ensure efficiency, reliability, and quality of our work.
We provide transportation by different types of railway transport including loading platforms, hoppers, tanks and various wagons: open-top wagons for regular cargoes requiring no special transport conditions, covered wagons for more demanding cargoes, refrigerated wagons for cargoes requiring strict observance of temperature regime, as well as autoracks.
We choose the best routes for rail transportation and develop a detailed logistics scheme. Our experts execute all the necessary documents and advice on payment of duties and tariffs, cargo securing, cargo handling, tracking of goods in transit and calculation of delivery costs. You can also obtain insurance certificate for the railway transportation and order cargo security escorting.
Transportation of over-dimensional cargoes
Additionally, our forwarding company provides the service of sea transportation of over-dimensional cargoes to our Clients (please, consult our specialists). We deliver over-dimensional cargoes from any country in the world to Russia.
We will deliver a cleared over-dimensional cargo to a consignee controlling the cargo movement at all stages.
We work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. High professionalism of our employees allows us to solve even the most complex problems arising during transportation of goods. Many years of successful cooperation with different carriers (sea, road, rail) allow us providing the high-quality services to our Clients.
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