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Our experts provide a whole range of legal services on foreign economic activities, such as consulting on customs regulations related to crossing of the Russian border, support during preparation of documents related to foreign trade transactions, advising on banking and financial laws, evaluation of existing trade documents for their possible acceptance at the stage of customs clearance as a whole, for the purpose of confirmation of the customs value, as well as for various customs procedures, assistance in return of advance payments, appeal and return of the adjusted customs value, and provision of the legal assistance in cases of administrative offenses.
Quite often, the companies specializing in provision of legal services to participants of foreign trade activities render limited services only in cases of customs value adjustment and do not pay proper attention to the issues related to the state of goods that have been transported, tax consequences, issues of customs control after the goods release, issues of regulating the relations of the foreign trade participants with their Russian counterparties.


Therefore, Bodrus Company conducts regular audits of the foreign economic activities, as it is necessary for effective operation of the company that conducts certain currency transactions and implements the foreign trade business activities.
Due to our theoretical and practical knowledge, Bodrus LLC provides a wide range of high-quality legal services on issues related to the implementation of foreign trade operations to its Clients, and protects the interests of its Clients in difficult situations, doing its best to prevent such cases.



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