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Financial consulting on foreign economic activity

Our company will analyse logistics of your enterprise, offer a set of anti-crisis measures, and develop a relevant scheme in conformity with the conditions of your business.


The dollar rate is growing. Customs charges and administrative expenses are increasing. Formerly used technologies become useless due to changes in the tax law. How to reduce costs and maintain profitability of import in this difficult time?
We do not consider only the cost of "transportation and customs clearance". Currently, such stereotyped expressions as "optimization of customs payments" or "the cheapest freight" do not always mean the lowest cost of goods as a result. Administrative costs, unforeseen expenses on risks, tax expenditures - all this can be an unpleasant surprise when calculating final losses. We try to think one step ahead and take into account all the risks potential for an importer. We believe that logistics must be considered only in connection with the financial and tax policy of a company. Contact Bodrus, and our experts will apply comprehensive approach when analysing shortcomings of connections between logistics, finances and taxes, and offer legal and creative solutions that will lead to final result, and surely not an immediate one, in reducing logistics costs.
Our specialists provide business support in the following areas:
  • Calculation of the delivery costs including payment of all duties, taxes, fees, and excise taxes for goods;
  • Analysis of a foreign trade contract and its coordination with the bank department of foreign exchange regulation;
  • Execution of primary documents on transactions;
  • Ensuring compliance of foreign documents with the Russian system of document circulation;
  • Preparation of FEA reports for banks and tax authorities;
  • Provision of all necessary documents on contract of sale and purchase in the territory of the Russian Federation;
  • Prompt response to any changes in foreign exchange regulations and the national tax legislation.




Specialists of Northwest Consulting Company in collaboration with the partners of Bodrus Company will help you to optimize your costs for the delivery of goods and give the opportunity to fully concentrate on development of your own business without being distracted by non-core activities.


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