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Convenient business solutions


Business with Bodrus Company offers you the following opportunities:
  • Comprehensive assistance in customs clearance of cargoes;
  • Comfort for a Client.


Individual conditions for cooperation and calculation of cost services.
Individual approach to solving non-standard logistics challenges:
  • Long-term strong partnerships and great knowledge of peculiarities of customs.
  • Consulting support for Clients.



A team of professionals and experts working with 
Bodrus LLC will develop a relevant technological scheme for delivery of goods of any complexity and calculate its cost in detail in the shortest time possible.

We provide the best solutions for customs clearance of goods including correct classification of goods according to TN VED (Goods Nomenclature for Foreign Economic Activity) effective in the Eurasian Economic Union, thus eliminating possible errors during the customs clearance and saving your time.  .




We have a team of highly experienced FEA specialists working with most types of cargoes that perform their duties accurately and on time. Due to our rich experience, customs clearance is completed promptly and our Clients receive a full set of documents.
A comprehensive approach
We have an extensive geography of cargo transportation and deliver goods of any complexity on the "door-to-door" basis executing all the necessary documents for customs declaring and insurance.
Responsibility and simplicity
Due to adequate staff headcount of our team and high level of professionalism, we avoid internal bureaucracy and extensive paperwork. Proper application of our skills and professionalism of our employees demonstrated in real work, not in routine operations.



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Convenient business solutions
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