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Cargo insurance

Cargo insurance – is a very important factor that should not be neglected when arranging international and domestic transportations. Delivery of a cargo to a Client is associated with certain risks. These include traffic accidents, natural disasters, thefts, damages of goods and many other cases when harm caused to a cargo was not inflicted by their owner. To ensure your financial security and protect yourself from unexpected financial expenses, you can take advantage of cargo insurance which guarantees compensation of damages and return of the funds lost as a result of unforeseen circumstances during transportation that have led to destruction of goods or damage to cargo. Bodrus Company renders services on cargo insurance, as well as assistance in settlement of insurance claims of its Clients.

Bodrus Company select the most suitable financial services (insurance rates) competently and professionally, taking into account all the features and characteristics of your cargo, as well as all specific conditions required for its transportation.

Those who do not pay much attention to cargo insurance, take undue risk and put not only a particular product, but the entire business at threat of the force majeure. After all, financial losses caused by the insured event can be incomparably bigger than the cost of insurance, which is often less than 0.1% -0.6% of the goods value. Cargo insurance is a cheap and popular service in Europe. In our country it is only gaining popularity, with each passing year, the number of conscious entrepreneurs increases, and the "insurers" and "carriers" become business partners more and more often. A Client is the one who gains most benefits from such situation.

The most common insured events in terms of transportation are the following:
  • Disappearance of the vehicle together with the cargo.
  • Natural disasters.
  • Theft, robbery, fraud by the third parties, etc.


  • Damage due to breakage, deformation, wetting, etc.
  • Loss of goods during the period of temporary storage at warehouses.
These and other risks arising during transportation of goods make this service very popular in our country.



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