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Freight forwarding support

Bodrus Company provides intra-port cargo forwarding in the leading terminals of the Big Port of Saint Petersburg. Professional intra-port forwarding is an important part of sea transportation. Port forwarding is necessary to ensure the safety of a container and cargo, and arrangement of loading and unloading procedures. In addition, this service includes payment of port charges and paperwork that contributes to the rapid passage of the customs control.
Based on the rich experience of work with an extensive range of cargoes, we offer the following opportunities:
  • We fully control the process of transportation of your cargo and ensure its safety during its transportation to the place of destination.
  • Our specialists execute all necessary documents promptly and competently, as proper preparation of documents has considerable influence on the speed of delivery.
  • Checking the quantity, completeness, and integrity of cargo.
  • Attracting stevedores, tallymen, and other experts for assistance and advice.
  • Arrangement of cargo inspection by the customs authorities and other state regulatory bodies, payment of terminal fees.


  • Prior to the removal of goods from the port, the route is developed thoroughly in detail; select a convenient transport vehicle based on the price, speed, and quality of transportation; consultations are held on the transportation process and on possible difficulties.
  • Arrangement of removal of cargo that is already cleared or is under internal customs transit, from the customs terminal.
  • Arrangement and execution of other transport operations, depending on needs and requirements of cargo owners.

We deliver cargoes under the "door to door" terms, no matter what destination point you may choose. We guarantee the most rapid customs clearance without undue delays and downtimes, thereby ensuring complete safety of your property and savings in port storage.


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