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Customs declaration

CUSTOMS CLEARANCE is a procedure intended for performance of an entire complex of formalities required by the customs regulations when importing (or exporting) goods. Customs clearance is a professional term. "Cleaning" includes customs services, customs declaring, and payment of customs duties. Customs services are usually provided by customs clearance agents.






Bodrus offers multimodal transportation to its Clients, including a full range of services on arrangement of cargo transport and delivery from any country of the world to specified destination on the "turnkey" basis including the customs clearance services.





Customs clearance of goods transported across the border of Russia is perhaps one of the most important steps in the organization of international cargo transportation. It may seem that this is not a big deal; the cargo arrives at the terminal, a declaration is filed, customs duties and taxes are paid, and that is all! But a lot of "pitfalls" and "surprises" for a company that is a cargo owner and a foreign trade operator hide behind these simple actions. Customs clearance is a process that should be approached with great responsibility.



Inaccuracies in foreign trade contracts, misclassification of goods according to TN VED (Goods Nomenclature for Foreign Economic Activity), incorrect calculation of customs duties may result in a long downtime of goods at customs terminals. The errors made in the transportation documents and many other associated factors can entail additional monitoring and verification by the public authorities. Such situation are inappropriate for cargo transportation in terms of tough competition. Incorrect customs clearance not only results in time loss and violation of terms of delivery, but also causes considerable financial costs (fees for terminal services on temporary storage are usually very high). And surely there is no need to mention the administrative responsibility.



Customs clearance is a highly demanded type of transportation services. The number of companies that rely on experts in this matter is continuously increasing. Since on the final price of the goods exported or imported depends on the cost and speed of customs clearance, the impact of customs processes on the business as a whole cannot be underestimated.



After proper analysis of all of the above mentioned factors, it is hard to escape a conclusion that the best way to protect yourself and your business from the unnecessary risks and problems is to entrust the delivery and customs clearance of your cargo to the professionals, such as Bodrus Company. It is the way that our regular Clients have chosen.



Bodrus Company executes the following types of business activity:



  • Preliminary consultations on the management of foreign trade activities and customs clearance procedures.
  • Collecting and preparing the set of necessary documents for customs registration (contract, transaction passport, specification, invoice, etc.).
  • Assistance in obtaining permits necessary for the importation of goods into the territory of the Russian Federation (certification, etc.).
  • Classification according to the TN VED (Goods Nomenclature for Foreign Economic Activity) effective in the Eurasian Economic Union.
  • Calculation of the customs value.
  • Customs clearance;
  • Arrangement of customs examination/inspection.
  • Calculation and payment of duties and taxes.
  • Related services (transportation, handling, storage services).





Bodrus Company provides cargo transportation and customs clearance services at the highest level. We have gathered a team of highly qualified FEA specialists working with all kinds of goods, including hazardous products and cargoes under veterinary and phytosanitary surveillance, and forwarding them at all stages of the customs clearance process.
We develop individual logistics schemes of cargo delivery and provide safe transport services of high quality to our Clients. We arrange timely all the necessary documents for export and import. In cooperation with Bodrus Company, you can be sure that all the documents are prepared correctly. We are working with documents at all stages, from the preliminary analysis to the moment when the customs clearance is completed. We assist our Clients in resolving disputes with the customs authorities, in obtaining permits and arrange inspections maintenance.
Optimization of costs, saving of time and ensured correct clearance of the goods are the reasons for which you should apply to our Company.



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