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Transport of equipment

Integrated supply of industrial equipment
Bodrus LLC regularly implements import transportations of industrial equipment, previously used or renewed machinery as well as components and spare parts from China, India, and Europe on the "door-to-door" basis in the Russian Federation. Equipment is imported under the "turn-key" terms including customs clearance and execution of permits necessary for importation of goods to the territory of the Russian Federation, or partial support.
Specific cargoes require non-standard solutions, thorough preparation and selection of relevant transportation schemes. Our company provides services on arrangement and implementation of transport of project cargoes and offers a full range of services on project logistics to its Clients.
During the development of technological schemes of transportation of equipment to Russia, the following issues are to be considered:
  • Previously executed projects (possibility of delivery on earlier developed routes).
  • Requirements for special technical equipment at loading and unloading facilities at ports and terminals, transport equipment for handling, transportation, and temporary storage of cargo;
  • Dimensions and weight of machinery and equipment transported.

During the customs clearance of equipment, its technical specifications, operating principles, list of component parts and other factors are of primary importance for the purpose of its correct classification. Our experts have good knowledge of engineering, so they can classify equipment according to TN VED (Goods Nomenclature for Foreign Economic Activity) effective in the Eurasian Economic Union timely and efficiently.

As a rule, majority of issues arises during the process of customs clearance of equipment in disassembled state (in such case a detailed assembly scheme is to be presented to the customs authorities).

Specialists of our company are familiar with particularities of this procedure. Customs clearance is conducted in accordance with all applicable regulations. We will undertake preparation of all required documents and execution of all permits and certificates. Our experts will help you to calculate the total amount of customs charges and ensure timely release of goods. Customs clearance of the imported equipment will be completed timely and efficiently.
After the procedure, cargoes are transported through the territory of Russia to warehouse of the consignee by road or rail.

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