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Small-scale wholesale consignments

Consolidated cargoes are small-sized cargoes gathered from different Clients and sent in one direction and on the same vehicle.


We are pleased to offer our services on international transportation of small-scale wholesale consignments, both for new entrepreneurs and for established businessmen.



Convenience of this type of transportation lies in the fact that you can purchase and deliver the desired volume of cargo and under the required terms and conditions with our help.


We are engaged in transportation of cargoes all over the world, and the countries of Eastern and Western Europe, Baltic States, Asia (China, Hong Kong, Korea), and the United States are our major directions. 


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Our company delivers the goods using different modes of transport depending on the country of origin, developed route, delivery time requirements and other factors. They may be as follows:
  • Sea container transportation of cargoes;
  • Air transportation;
  • Road transport of cargoes;
  • Rail transportation of cargoes; 
  • Multimodal transportation.
We choose the best transportation method based on requirements of our Clients.
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Choosing our Company for international transportation of cargoes, you get a reliable, responsible, and honest partner that provides a full range of services related to delivery of goods from abroad:
  • Preparation of documents;
  • Customs clearance;
  • Timeliness of transportation;
  • Safety of cargo during the whole route of transportation;
  • Control of cargo transportation;
  • Storage and other warehouse services if required.
For more information on rates, please contact our managers in any convenient way. For example, you can submit a request directly on our website.


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