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We work seven days a week, even on holidays to minimize the possible costs. Contact Bodrus LLC - we know everything about the customs. We know everybody working in the customs bodies.


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Thousands of forwarding companies, hundreds of carriers, dozens of shipping lines - sea freight undergoes changes every week. Each company tries to offer lower freight rates than others. But low price does not always mean high quality. Sometimes, transit time also matters. For example, sea freight or land transportation rates can be low, but at the same time port or terminal fees turn out to be significantly higher. As a result, additional costs are rising; the turnover of goods is increasing. After all, it appears to be expensive and time consuming. Probably changing the terms of the supply contract is a better option? Apply to Bodrus, and our experts will select the best delivery scheme based not only on freight rates but also considering possible risks that may arise while the goods are being transported from one point to another, including customs risks. Our Company is not only a freight forwarder, but a customs clearance agent as well.

Customs is our second home.

Customs Code of the Russian Federation and the System of Risks adopted by the Federal Customs Service, technical regulations, constant changes in laws and regulations, personnel replacements, and other factors seem extremely difficult to take into account simultaneously, but surely not to our experts. We never "fish in troubled waters" and never promise to perform clearance at the lowest prices./span>At the stage of development of a relevant scheme, we provide the most secure, legitimate and reasonable advice on customs clearance to our Clients. At the stage of customs clearance, we "keep abreast" and instantly react to changes that cause additional costs to the Client or delays in clearance.
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